Journalist’s Corner

founder-of-lgdWho is Kiyanna Jhaneye’ Johnson ?

A young music journalist pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Journalism and her minor in Public Relations. Her love for music has been apart of her life since she was little. Anything with a beat, she has always been drawn to. As the creator of Lyrically Gifted Downtown, Kiyanna has a vision for young local artists to receive as much promotion as they need and not have to worry about changing anything for anyone. This site is dedicated to the underground, which mainly targets any local artists who has a message to tell.

On a more personal level, Kiyanna has a couple of hidden gifts herself. Not only is she a music journalist, but she also is involved in spoken word. During high school, she worked with a mentor to strengthen her writing, which allured her to the style of spoken word because it was a combination of both poetry and music. She is a writer overall, but poetry is what filled up most of her journals, as well as free time. Though, Kiyanna didn’t start writing poetry until the 8th grade of middle school. Even though before that time, she did enjoy reading it through books and on daily blogs, as such as Tumblr. Another hidden gift would be singing. Kiyanna doesn’t feel it’s a good enough gift to be recognized, but it has played a big part in her life. Growing up in the church, she spent her time in choirs of all levels, but it doesn’t stop there. Currently, Kiyanna is apart of C3 (Christ Central Choir), which she had the opportunity to join at Central Michigan University.

So, you see, no matter in what way, music has been apart of Kiyanna’s life. Actually, music has become a greater influence now than ever, especially since she is currently now with an upcoming producer of Lyrically Gifted, Kendall Holloway. She believes there is no way she can escape from doing what she loves and her passion for it will merge both music and writing as she helps to build local artists’ careers, as well as her own.