Visual Coordinator

All creative questions or submissions can be emailed to the link above.

From Jackson, MI. Kyiah Gibson is a proud artist with many accomplishments and experiences over the years.

Kyiah Gibson

When I was younger, to take my mind off of the chaos going on around me, I turned to art. All Kinds, poetry, music, books, drawing, and photography, it all sparked interests to me, but drawing specifically caught my eye, it was a challenge and I’m always up for challenges. 


Kyiah Gibson is an local visual artist, who now holds the position of being the first visual coordinator for LGD.

Her main goal is to obtain a job of work she created. She believes there is nothing sweeter than the idea of having a career that you are passionate about. The money will follow the work being established.

She was accepted into the Art Institute of Chicago. Even though she didn’t attend, it was an accomplishment that they found her work was good enough, which made her confident in her other creations. Since then, Gibson has been managing her art and making profit of it.

On top of her schooling, she made sure to push her art out on various social media platforms. Her overall goal is to make a name for herself through her art. “I know it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it and ill love every moment of the struggle leading up to my goal”

“I’m from Jackson Michigan! Born and raised, there’s never been much for us to do around here, kids stay in trouble and honestly, don’t make it to my age, male or female. This is why I’m so proud of myself for taking the route I’ve taken and succeeding as much as I have so far! Outside of Drawing and what not, music is second on my list, I’ve been learning guitar/bass guitar all my life from my wonderful pops , who has played it almost all his life and even been in bands. I’m learning piano as we speak, which is more appealing to me than guitar at the moment ( I need a break lol) music is just as important to me as drawing is. “