LGD Movement

 Lyrically Gifted Downtown Motto:

“We support you having your own identity! Lyrically Gifted Downtown has no intention of changing any music artist’s image. We don’t believe in corrupting any music artist’s creativity. We want the sound just like it is. That’s what makes it unique. That’s what makes it your own. As an artist, we understand how precious your image is when its  displayed to the world”

The Purpose of Lyrically Gifted Downtown

The purpose of creating Lyrically Gifted Downtown is to promote music from underground music artists who haven’t had a chance to shine. The music culture is not seen as black and white, which is why we support all genres of music. Like the people all around the world, the music world has various types of genres and is influenced by a lot of different cultures.

The Work of Lyrically Gifted Downtown

With the consent of a local artist, their music, events, or any new projects will be displayed on the site, as well as on social media. We will also provide reviews to highlight any project or event during that time. All music or event submissions will be displayed mainly on this site. To request a review, contact Lyrically Gifted’s email: lyricallygifteddowntown@gmail.com for a submission. You can also locate the social media sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, for another way to contact us.

A helping hand is what you need in this world and it’s important for us to give it. So, Welcome to the Underground. Welcome to having your voice heard.